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About Tracie


Tracie Eaton is an award-winning international artist based on the Gold Coast Australia. Throughout her 16 year career, she has give her time freely to support various charity organisations and causes, with a belief that community and culture is created by sharing the openness and vulnerabilites of each other, and helping to bring hope to people in need.

Prior to her artistic career, Tracie trained as an Occupational Therapist and in Colour Psychology.  Her love of colour, the creative process and the impact these have on people began during this time. Art therapy became an integral component in her work with her clients.

So it is no suprise that Tracie’s artistic style ensures that all who view her artwork, feel it.  Our ability to feel, to experience is what helps us to connect with each other, to a community, to a cause.

Why Art for Rescue

Art for Rescue is a concept born from Tracie’s desire to bring people together to bring about authentic and real change.  In a world that is continuing to advance, where connection is often through technology and where instant gratification is the norm, Tracie is focused on bringing back simplicity. On encouraging people to look outside of themselves, their lives. To see, and help willingly so that as a collective, we bring about community and cultural change.

The Art for Rescue project involves 4 key initiatives.  Each one unique.  Yet each one reliant upon and connected to the other.  So that together, art is used as a transformative medium.  And one that connects passionate minds with a common purpose. 

The Destiny Gala

The coming together of creative, passionate indiviuals and businesses alike for the launch of the Art for Rescue project, at a black tie gala evening and fundraising auction.

The Journey

Tracie travels throughout Queensland, Australia collecting stories through videoed interviews.  These stories will inspire paintings to creatively share people’s defining moments, their life’s journey.

Included is the collection of stories and drawn images from sex trafficked survivors, rescued by Destiny Rescue.

The Stories

An exclusive multi-sensory art exhibition showcasing the completed art pieces and celbrating the stories of all participants.

Hear, see and experience the stories first hand.

The Oscars

Hand-embellished, fine art prints from the paintings created that incorporate the images and stories from rescued children will be provided to 2025 Oscar nominees to celebrate their success.

The Stories exhibition will be shown in Los Angeles the week of the Oscars event.

A Letter from Tracie

It is not often in life that you come across something that resonates so strongly that you have an overwhelming desire to be a part of it.  And when I heard about Destiny Rescue, I knew that I needed to find a way to not only support them, but to affect true and authenitic change.

I was introduced to Destiny through a customer.  They purchased one of my paintings and immediately donated it to an auction.  this act of selflessness inspired me, and I needed to find out first hand who Destiny Rescue was, and what it was they stood for.  That first luncheon touched my heart so much.  And I knew then that I had found my way to not just exist, but to do something that profoundly affects the lives of others.

So many of us in life have been in situations where we have felt powerless, our power and confidence taken by someone else.  And nobody deserves to life a life like this.  The sense of hopelessness, the lack of self worth, the shattering of dreams.  Add harrassment, sexual assault, sexual explotation to this, and the effect on someone is life changing.  And so often one that many people cannot escape from. 

Further to this, it saddens me greatly that we live in a society where not only is this behaviour still incredibly prevalent, but the lack of communication and willingness to admit this is happening within communities is compounding the problem.  Lack of conversation essentially equates to a sub-conscious acceptance that it is a part of life, therefore acceptable.

And this is not cool.  It is time for all of us to join together with a very clear message that says enough is enough.  That children deserve the right to live with innocence, to play, to explore to experience the world safely.  And that everybody deserves to live without fear and to see the beauty and joy that surrounds us.

Life is a wonderful journey, and an incredible gift.  And I know that Art for Rescue is the way for me – for all of us, to reconnect to what is real, what is genuine and what is important.

I am excited to share this journey with you. 

Tracie Eaton

Tracie Eaton

“If we don’t do it, who will”

Sexual exploitation and trafficking occurs online and in person.  Where there is opportunity for offenders to engage with a child, they will be there. Pledge your support today and work with us to raise awareness and the funds needed to rescue children, and give them home of a ne future.

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