Destiny Rescue


rescuing children worldwide. creating hope and a new future.

Who is Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue, based in South East Queensland, Australia, was founded in 2001.  Destiny Rescue exists to find and rescue children from sexual exploitation and trafficking, and help them stay free.

The Facts:

  • Over 1 million children are exploited by commercial sexual exploitation.
  • 59% of children trafficked are from the Asia Pacific region.
  • $99 billion is generated by sex trafficers each year.

The true impact of child sex trafficking is incredibly hard to detect – therefore quantify.  “The true figure is likely to be far higher than the current estimates”. – International Labour Organisation report 2017

What Destiny Rescue Does


Every day, agents covertly work to rescue children from some of the most horrid establishments on the planet through raids, boarder rescues and online intervention.


Destiny Rescue identifies what made a child vulnerable, and help them – and their family, overcome it so they thrive and stay free. Team members work for up to 12 months with a rescued child.


Destiny Rescue work closely with local law enforcement to ensure arrests and resultant prosecution of establishment owners, workers and perpetrators, regardless of their country of origin.

With Your Help, Destiny Rescue is Making The World a Better Place

Destiny Rescue works across 12 countires around the world.  The funding for this work is generated primarily in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Destiny Rescue’s staff worldwide have assisted in over 13,000 rescues and aided in over 700 arrests since 2011.


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